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  • Power on... in your world

    Power on... in your world

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow

    Pioneering electrical test equipment for over a century. Megger expertise is trusted globally to support your business.

    See how your business can Power on with Megger.
  • Handheld insulation tester - MIT400

    MIT400/2 Series 1-kV Insulation Tester...

    Get your hands around this great test instrument today.

    The MIT400/2 Series is the perfect high-performance 1-kV insulation tester for contractor, commercial, plant and telecom applications. Results storage and wireless Bluetooth download are available, depending on model. The series also includes a unique model with test voltages from 10V to 100V (in 10V steps), for special applications.

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  • Save 15% on select products through May 16

    2017 Webinar Series

    Learn from the experts in electrical testing and diagnostics

    Megger's 2017 Webinar Series Calendar is now available.  Sign up now to reserve your spot in any of our educational presentations.  

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  • Safety first, second and third

    Safety first, second and third

    Protecting your business

    With protection built in from the ground up, Megger products are designed to the latest international standards to keep you safe when you’re testing, so they can deliver a reliable supply to the customer and maintain a safe network.

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  • Megger test instruments, work where ever you work

    Megger test instruments

    Work wherever you work

    Working in remote locations, you need rugged, portable equipment that you can rely on. Megger engineer equipment that performs in even the most inhospitable environments, leaving you free to carry out critical maintenance tasks in the field.

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Electrical testing solutions built for your application needs

Power cables   Low voltage installation   Power protection   Power transformers   Measurement and power quality
Electrical test equipment for high voltage cables   Electrical test equipment for low voltage intstallations   Electrical test equipment for power protection relays   Electrical test equipment for hight voltage power transformers   Measurement and power quality



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Download Megger's newest catalogs for Cable, Circuit Breaker, Protective Relay & Transformer.

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Salvaging Flood-damaged Electrical Equipment

In all drying out of electrical windings, the regulation of temperature should be controlled carefully. Maximum drying temperatures on windings should not exceed 194oF (90oC) as measured by thermometer. This will prevent not only the rapid thermal deterioration of the insulation but damage from the high vapor pressures that would be obtained if steam were produced.

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2017 Testing Tactics Webinar Series

View our upcoming webinar schedule and register. Or click on previous webinars to view video recordings.

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HAZMAT Grounding Tech Tips

Check out the NETA World Journal Tech Tip Article “HAZMAT GROUNDING” written by Megger's Jeff Jowett

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Transformer testing standards update - NETA '16

Review of IEEE, CIGRE and IEC standards for power transformer testing including overview of various frequency response analysis (FRA) techniques.

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Next Generation Battery Testing

We look at how two innovative design changes in modern battery test sets have made capacity and load testing faster and easier than ever.

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How Much Current is Enough?

Measuring low resistance – which is usually taken to mean resistance of less than 1Ω – has many applications, from checking the condition of circuit breaker contacts to verifying the integrity of welds in metal structures. One very common question however is, “What’s the best test current to use?” As is usual with questions like this, there is no simple “one size fits all” answer.

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Safer & Faster Testing with DualGround™ Technology

DualGround™ is Megger's groundbreaking technology that enables a safer and faster workflow because both sides of the circuit breaker remain grounded throughout the test.

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Electrical test equipment - from power station to plug. 

The extensive Megger product portfolio provides electrical test equipment for an exceptionally wide range of applications at any point of the electricity network. From small handheld low voltage equipment such as multifunction installation testers through to high voltage asset test equipment like insulation resistance testers, circuit breaker analysers, protection relay test systems to transformer condition measurement devices.

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Megger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment in factories located in Germany, Sweden, the UK, and USA. Megger products help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of your or your customers’ electrical assets.

Established in the late 1800s, the company has been designing and making test and measurement instruments that perform electrical measurements for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and commissioning for decades. Megger products have supported customers all over the world to improve their facilities’ efficiency, reduce costs, extend the life of apparatus and through trending and analysis, anticipate equipment failure and future performance. It now has local offices in many locations with technical support teams and distributors all over the world.

Working with customers

Megger believes that by working closely with customers it can deliver the best customer solutions and after-sales service today, and in the future. Megger is committed to anticipating client needs by listening to customers and industry specialists while continually investing in innovative research and development, design engineering and manufacturing techniques.

Megger brand

Our strategy is to produce all our products with a single brand name, Megger. The advantages to you are that you know the products and software will work well together, and all the products have a similar yet distinctive 'look and feel' with their dark and light grey casings. We don't waste colour on trying to make our test instruments pretty – we reserve it for useful functions such as range selectors and displays. Our design engineers come from many different nations, and they regularly exchange ideas and tips with colleagues from other countries. That means you get the latest innovations, one of the reasons that Megger products are so advanced. As more companies join the Megger family, you may find some test equipment sold by us that have not yet transitioned to the Megger identity system. Don’t worry – our top priority is ensuring that product quality is right. We’ll get round to making sure the colours are the same later.

How the greatest brands in test and measurement came together

Our systems are geared to keeping things local – localised engineering, localised marketing, localised decision-making. Our employees are proud of the companies and brands that go to make our company history and many of these names are still trademarks or registered trademarks of the company in many countries.