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Cable test equipment

  • Megger cable test instruments

Power cable maintenance generally involves three categories of testing:

Cable Diagnosis is predictive, and is often performed as part of condition based maintenance strategies. Data is collected and trended to give an idea about the overall condition of the cable. Maintenance is performed when one or more of the indicators show signs that the cable is about to fail, or that performance is deteriorating.

Cable Testing is preventative, and is often a pass/fail test where the cable is put under high stress to accelerate existing aging conditions in a controlled environment. Cables that passed the test can be confidently put back in service, whereas cables that failed can be safely removed during a scheduled outage, preventing them from catastrophically failing while in service.

Cable Fault Locating is reactive or event based, and is performed when a fault has occurred. The goal is to quickly locate and isolate the fault to minimize outage time for customers.

Some of our most popular cable instruments are shown below. Please follow these links for our full range of Cable Fault Locating and Cable Testing and Diagnostics products.



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