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How Do I Choose the Right Insulation Tester?

Choosing the right insulation tester to get a job done can be a bit overwhelming.  With so many models on the market, how do you choose the right one? 


We’ve previously discussed the importance of insulation testing.  In order to figure out which tester is right for your application, it is important to understand why this type of testing is crucial.

29/06/2017 | Megger 0

Why do I need to know about soil for grounding?

Spring is the ultimate time to perform ground testing.  The ground is awakening from a stressful period.  We all understand that winter is the worst season to ground because of the conductivity (or lack thereof) in the soil.

19/04/2017 | Megger 0

Visual Examination in Electrical Testing

Visual Examination is very important and often precedes electrical testing.  Oftentimes it reveals major issues that may not have been found by testing alone.

07/11/2016 | Megger 0

Resistance, Resistivity and Grounding

Two very similar words in ground testing, meaning two very different things – resistance and resistivity.  What’s the difference? And how do we find ground using them.

09/08/2016 | Megger 0

What Ever Happened to Hand-Cranks?

The short answer? Nothing. They’re still here. Like Ford’s Model T is to automobiles, nothing more symbolizes the revolution in electrical testing and maintenance that began around the turn of the 20t

30/06/2015 | Megger 0

HT1000/2 Copper Wire Analyzer Training Video Series Now Available

Are you in need of a copper wire analyzer and are curious as to the features available on Megger's HT1000/2? Do you currently own one and need to know how to properly use a certain test or feature? Ch

11/05/2015 | Megger 0

Voltage Regulation in Insulation Testing

Insulation testers typically offer a discrete number of selectable test voltages, with 250, 500 and 1000 V being common selections. Until recent improvements in microprocessor technology, it was large

21/04/2015 | Megger 0

Circuit Breaker Testing

Arguably, circuit breakers are some of the most important components in modern electric power systems. They break off current when a fault occurs. And although circuit breakers are not thought about m

07/04/2015 | Megger 0

Megger Conducts Hands-On Safety Demo at Dynalectric Annual Safety Fair

Mike Palmer, Megger’s Western regional sales manager, conducted a hands-on safety demo at Dynalectric’s yearly safety fair held in San Diego, California on Saturday, February 7. 175 apprentices and jo

27/02/2015 | Megger 0

Proceeds from Megger’s Annual Charity Golf Outing for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Increases by 40%

Once again, the Megger distributor charity golf outing produced record-breaking figures. The 14th annual event, held on Saturday, January 24 at the Lakes of Ahawatukee Golf Course in Phoenix, Arizona,

16/02/2015 | Megger 0