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Resistance, Resistivity and Grounding

Two very similar words in ground testing, meaning two very different things – resistance and resistivity.  What’s the difference? And how do we find ground using them.

09/08/2016 | Admin 0

What Ever Happened to Hand-Cranks?

The short answer? Nothing. They’re still here. Like Ford’s Model T is to automobiles, nothing more symbolizes the revolution in electrical testing and maintenance that began around the turn of the 20t

30/06/2015 | admin 0

HT1000/2 Copper Wire Analyzer Training Video Series Now Available

Are you in need of a copper wire analyzer and are curious as to the features available on Megger's HT1000/2? Do you currently own one and need to know how to properly use a certain test or feature? Ch

11/05/2015 | admin 0

Voltage Regulation in Insulation Testing

Insulation testers typically offer a discrete number of selectable test voltages, with 250, 500 and 1000 V being common selections. Until recent improvements in microprocessor technology, it was large

21/04/2015 | admin 0

Circuit Breaker Testing

Arguably, circuit breakers are some of the most important components in modern electric power systems. They break off current when a fault occurs. And although circuit breakers are not thought about m

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