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25 Jun 2017

North Carolina Electric Meter School - Myrtle Beach, SC USA

The North Carolina Electric Meter School and Conference is an endeavor to bring together meter personnel from the electric utility industry to present information on common problems, standard practices, procedures and new technologies.

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24 Jul 2017

Beckwith Electric Protection Seminar - Clearwater Beach, FL - Clearwater Beach, FL USA

The Protection Seminar provides an in-depth study of generator, transformer, feeder, and distributed electrical resource interconnection protection, as well as motor bus transfer and automatic synchronizing.

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24 Jul 2017

EPRI Nuclear Utility Relay Users Group - Charlotte, NC

The NURUG provides an opportunity for utility personnel to discuss and share information on relevant topics related to relays and weigh in on current EPRI project activities as well as future needs.


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01 Aug 2017

EPRI Transformer & Switchyard Users Group Meeting - Memphis, TN

The Transformer and Switchyard Users Group’s primary goals are to support and promote efforts and activities that will strengthen plant personnel knowledge and capabilities related to large power transformers and associated switchyard equipment. The group will collect, disseminate, and develop practices, processes and other activities to improve operation and maintenance of large power transformers and associated switchyard equipment.


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29 Aug 2017

PAC World Americas Conference - Raleigh, NC

Members of the PAC World community, professionals from utilities and universities, manufacturers and consultants, will meet to take part in a unique event that will help us build better understanding and knowledge in our industry.

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06 Sep 2017

TSDOS - Frisco, TX, Booths F3, 4 & 5 - Frisco, TX USA

The Transmission and Substation Design and Operation Symposium is designed to promote the exchange of ideas and experience for the benefit of those people concerned with transmission and substation design and development.


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03 Oct 2017

ICUEE Expo - Louisville, KY USA - booth 2664 - Louisville, KY USA

The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), also known as The Demo Expo, is the premiere event for utility industry professionals to gain comprehensive insight into the latest technologies, innovations, insights, and trends affecting their industry.

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17 Oct 2017

Western Protective Relay Conference (WPRC) - Spokane, WA USA - Hosp. Ste. 207 - Spokane, WA USA

The Western Protective Relay Conference (WPRC) is an educational forum for the presentation and discussion of broad and detailed technical aspects of protective relaying and related subjects. This forum allows participants to learn and apply advanced technologies that prevent electrical power failures. Speakers are invited to present papers selected by a group of protective relaying experts.

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