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Megger Supports the Mesa Hotline School

Marshal Bird, a long-time employee of leading portable test equipment manufacturer Megger, is making an important on-going contribution to the training provided by Mesa Hotline School for electrical engineers and technicians, which has so strong a reputation for excellence that it attracts trainees not only from the local area, but from all 50 states. 

Marshal, who is Megger’s Area Sales Manager for Cable Fault Location, Test and Diagnostics, regularly visits the school to provide its trainees with insights into and experience of the very latest cable testing technology and techniques.

During his visits, he delivers vendor-neutral classroom sessions to introduce, explain and demonstrate the wide variety of methods used for locating and diagnosing faults on underground power cables, which are key areas of concern for utility companies. He also sets up and supervises practical sessions, using faulted cables in the dedicated test yard at the Mesa Hotline School. During these sessions, the trainees gain invaluable practical experience of working on cables in real-world conditions.

Marshal’s contribution is particularly valued by the school and its trainees as he has more than 15 years experience of working with cable test and fault location equipment of all types. This means that he can provide informed perspectives on the many test techniques available, as well as discussing their various applications and relative merits.

“Megger as a company is committed to supporting the industry in which it operates and those who work in that industry,” said Marshal Bird. “I’m delighted to able to play an active role in that support process. Sharing my knowledge with the enthusiastic trainees at the Mesa Hotline School is always a real pleasure, and it’s great to know that I’m making a contribution toward upholding the excellence for which the school is famed.”


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