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We have simplified our customer contact process. Please call one of the switchboard numbers below and our operators will direct your call to your local sales, service and support offices.


Direct Sales & Customer Service

800-723-2861 ext. 6000

Authorized Distributor Sales & Customer Service


Telecommunications Sales 


Caribbean Sales 


Repair & Calibration Services, Dallas  

Our Dallas facility processes: Power cable infrastructure testers, S1 series insulation testers, Low resistance testers, Relay test sets, Watthour test sets, CT testers, Primary high current testers, Motion breaker analyzers, TORKEL test sets, VIDAR test sets and Water leak detection

800-723-2861 ext. 3271

Repair & Calibration Services, Valley Forge

Our Valley Forge facility repairs and calibrates: Tan Delta test sets (Power Factor), TTRs, MTOs, BITEs, DC dielectrics, DLROs, Insulation testers (including S1 series and MIT series) , DETs, Power Quality, TDRs and cable fault equipment.


Technical Support: Power Products


Technical Support: Authorized Distributor Products


Technical Support: Telecommunications Products




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