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Battery testing equipment

Battery testing equipment and systems to manage the life-cycle of cells


Megger manufactures both impedance and capacity testing equipment for verifying battery condition over time with trending software. These methods meet the battery testing requirements of the NERC/FERC PRC005-2 standard.

The impedance test measures the condition of the entire electrical path of the battery from one terminal plate to another. This reveals any weaknesses in cells and inter-cell connectors and it is often used to establish a baseline value for the battery.

A capacity or discharge test is the only way to get an accurate value of the actual capacity of the battery. Regular testing will allow trending of the battery’s health and an estimation of the remaining life of the battery.

Most battery systems are floating and have DC ground monitors that alarms when a ground fault is detected. Megger produces a line of ground tracers that can be used on energized systems.