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Catch Megger exhibiting at NECA 2013 in Washington DC this month!

Megger will be showcasing insulation testers, ground testers, digital low resistance ohmmeters and much more directly related to the electrical contractor industry. Be sure to visit us at Booth #1148

Know Your Symbols

Much like the highway system, the electrical industry has adopted standard symbols that provide instant recognition of concepts and warnings, in place of pedantic written descriptions. These symbols a

Let's Get Technical: Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil resistivity testing is a standardized means of measuring and evaluating soil for its electrical properties. It is most useful in grounding, as a means of gathering data that is used in designing

Ground Testing Maintenance Schedules

We are in the dead of winter, but what better time to look forward to the spring – especially just coming out of Polar Vortex 2014!!  So when is the best time to perform ground resistance testing?

Grounding Misconceptions Identified

How many times have we heard, ‘current follows the path of least resistance” and “a good ground rod will clear fault”?  Plenty I am sure.  And although these popular notions have an intuitive quality

Salvaging Flood-Damaged Equipment Is it Possible?

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast back in October 2012, no one could have anticipated the destruction and devastation it would leave in its wake. Homes and businesses were destroyed, power outag

Listening through the Noise to Get the Right Read

It is funny to think of the earth’s soil as being noisy as well as part of an electrical circuit.  But in fact it is.  When an electrical connection is made to the earth’s soil in the form of ‘ground’

The MAGIC behind Time Domain Reflectometers

I hear the word time domain reflectometer (TDR) and for some reason visions of the DeLorean time machine fitted with a flux capacitor comes to mind, you know, needing to generate 1.21 ‘gigawatts’ of e

Down the Well: Megger's TDR in Action

Megger recently supplied Mr. T Spooling with a CFL535G TDR.  This handheld time domain reflectometer easily locates fault on mixed pair metallic cables. The CFL535G can test the capabilities of connec

Proceeds from Megger’s Annual Charity Golf Outing for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Increases by 40%

Once again, the Megger distributor charity golf outing produced record-breaking figures. The 14th annual event, held on Saturday, January 24 at the Lakes of Ahawatukee Golf Course in Phoenix, Arizona,