DISCONTINUED - Teleflex LV Monitor

DISCONTINUED - Teleflex LV Monitor

Teleflex LV Monitor - Cable monitor and fault location system

Product Documents
  • Monitoring and fault location on live LV cables
  • Three phased cable monitor for permanent voltage and current monitoring
  • Remote operation via GSM or Bluetooth

The Teleflex LV Monitor is for the location of faults on low voltage cables, especially for the detection if intermittent fault, which result in specific difficulties. Additionally the voltage and current waveforms are recorded.

The stored data is retrieved from a PC or Notebook via Bluetooth or via a telephone connection (Line or GSM).

In opposition to other portable reflectometers, the Teleflex LV monitor is permanent and simultaneous connected to all three phases of the LV cables and permits the user to do a reflection measurement on all the phases and their combinations, either locally or in remote operation. The supply of the Teleflex LV Monitor happens by one of the connected phases.

Teleflex LV
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