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Renewable Products

Megger Solar Products



Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source on the planet, and in the past decade, the solar power market in the United States has practically doubled every year. With over 2.6 million solar installations across the country – ranging from rooftop solar panels for your home to large-scale solar systems powering our utilities – there’s enough clean electricity to power over 16 million homes. As more and more Americans rely on solar power, Megger is committed to providing the electrical test equipment needed to install, maintain, and troubleshoot your solar systems – keeping the solar power on.

Megger’s pocket-size solar irradiance meter (PVM210) is ideal for choosing optimal photovoltaic panel position during installation. Paired with a multimeter or clamp meter, Megger’s Photovoltaic Kits (PVK320, PVK330) are perfect for installing, commissioning, and testing solar installations – enabling electricians or engineers to verify the stated short circuit current. The DCM1500S, Megger’s newest solar clamp meter, is designed for installing, maintaining, monitoring, and checking large AC or DC solar power systems and equipment. With a large clear display, along with up to 1500 A of current, the DCM1500S easily measures voltage, current, resistance, diode, capacitance, temperature and frequency. Pairing with the free Megger Link App, the DCM1500S can remotely monitor measurements with built-in Bluetooth – giving a live trended graph on a paired smart device. For certain solar power systems, the MIT430/2 CATIV insulation tester is the ideal instrument solar installation testing. When 1kV isn’t enough, Megger offers the MIT2500, a handheld, lightweight insulation tester that can produce up to 2,500 Vdc for testing insulation resistance in PV systems.

With constantly fluctuating outputs, power quality issues can often arise in solar systems. With the Megger MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer, you can easily troubleshoot power quality issues within your solar installation’s battery banks, inverters, switches, breaker or fuse boxes, and electric meters. For locating cable faults in isolated solar panel strings from the solar array cables back to the inverter, the Megger TDR2050 and TDR2010 are the perfect solution. When it comes to troubleshooting solar issues, a TDR is the ideal time-saving solution for any solar technician or engineer. If your solar installation has a battery bank, you may want to look into adding Megger's thermal imaging camera (TC3231) to your tool arsenal, as well. The TC3231 can quickly identify hotspots, compared to traditional battery testing procedures. Compact and handheld –  the TC3231 is a great tool for solar troubleshooting, especially in tight or hard to reach spaces.

Likewise, if you're maintaining a large solar installation with a battery bank, the Megger BITE2 or BITE3 Battery Impedance Testers can help you determine the health of your battery cells by taking measurements of the most important battery parameters. 

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Megger Wind Products



Wind power in the United States is another rapidly expanding sector of clean energy – providing more power than any other renewable energy source in the United States and producing enough energy annually to offset the power consumption of nearly 30 million average homes in America each year. With a three-bladed rotor design and connection to medium, wind turbines convert wind energy into electrical energy and feed it into medium and high voltage systems. Megger manufactures a range of electrical testers for the wind market, including motor, low resistance, and insulation testers.

Megger’s range of digital low resistance ohmmeters, including the newest DLRO2 and DLRO10 Series, are ideal for testing busbar connection in windfarm networks. The DLRO2 has the added ability to test with very long test leads – perfect for verifying lightning protection on wind turbines. For testing a wind turbine’s motor insulation, Megger offers the MTR105 a lightweight, handheld motor and insulation tester with four-wire low resistance, temperature correction, and voltage measurement.