Battery Tester

  • Measures impedance on cells up to 200 V
  • Supports battery discharge testing
  • Supports lead acid, NiCD and lithium-ion
  • Measures DC voltages up to 1000 V
  • Measures AC voltages up to 600 V
  • Touch screen set-up and trending
  • USB and micro SD card
  • Measures AC and DC current

The BITE5 will test lead acid batteries, NiCD batteries as well as lithium-ion batteries. It will measure and record battery voltage, impedance, and temperature. The recorded data can be trended on the unit’s touch screen. View the trended data of each test or trend the data of each cell. Set pass, warning, and fail limits for voltage and impedance. Record the ripple voltage, ripple current, and float current and transfer the recorded data via USB or via an SD card to the Power DB software, then create custom reports and automated analysis.

The BITE5 can measure impedances on cells up to 200Vdc. Save time by measuring entire banks of cells instead individual cells. Measure lithium ion battery packs.

The BITE5 also supports discharge testing. It will measure the voltage and current throughout the discharge cycle. The BITE5 can also measure the impedance and temperature throughout the discharge cycle. It can record voltage, DC current, impedance, and temperature of each cell throughout the entire discharge test. Measure the average impedance at the end of the commissioning test and use this as a limit for future impedance tests. Trend the recorded data on the BITE5 touch screen and view the trended data of each test, or trend the discharge of each cell. Transfer the recorded data via USB or via an SD card to the Power DB software, then create custom reports.

The BITE5 can be used on more than just batteries. Measure and record the output of solar panels on a branch of panels. Measure and record combiner DC voltages. Measure the input and output of inverters and more.

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BITE5 Firmware version Released on 02-03-2023.

Bug Fix: 
Corrects missing snapshot feature.

Download zip file that contains firmware version and installation instructions.

700.3 KB | 03/11/23
BITE5 - Torkel Viewer

When using the BITE5 with the Torkel to perform a standard discharge test the Torkel Viewer software can be used to create a simple integrated report. 

TORKEL900 viewer
16.0 MB | 03/11/23
PowerDB Software

Onboard install files are for FREJA, RTMS, SMRT and STVI local device installation.

PC install is for remote operation of a wide range of Megger test instruments including FREJA, RTMS, SMRT, STVI and BITE5.


Released: Sept, 2023

Note: The downloaded file will be named ""
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