November 2013
Megger Donates Equipment to Iowa Lakes Community College

Megger Donates Equipment to Iowa Lakes Community College

01 November 2013

ILCC-logo-300x300.jpgMegger recently donated one BMM2500 insulation multimeter and two BM220 insulation meters to the Wind Energy and Turbine Technology Program at Iowa Lakes Community College, Estherville, Iowa. Doug Zemler, assistant professor of the Wind Energy & Turbine Technology program, explained that the meters that Megger donated are being used in his generation, transmission and distribution class.  “Students in this class work on an actual utility substation, performing preventative maintenance.  The recent donation of meters has been added to several other Megger insulation resistance testers here.  This latest donation enables more students to get hands-on experience.”Iowa Lakes Community College using donated Megger equipment David Danner, national distributor sales manager for Megger said, “We are always happy to lend a hand to schools and offer them the opportunity to gain real world experience using our testers.  It is the best way to learn.” Megger’s BMM2500 is used by utilities, industrial and commercial electricians as well as maintenance and service/repair engineers.  The testers are suitable for use in high energy systems throughout the electrical, power and telecommunications industries. The BM220 is used in electrical contracting in industrial systems, during site maintenance and in service departments.  It allows testing on circuits with rated voltages up to 1000V. Iowa Lakes Community College using donated Megger equipmentThrough donations from Megger, Iowa Lakes Community College can offer its students a variety of different meters to work with and teach different skills, techniques and how to adapt to real life situations, better preparing them for future employment beyond graduation. “The meters we just received from Megger will enhance student learning.  Our entire semester will be devoted to working with these meters for maintenance and grounding in my labs.  They are really great learning tools,” said Zemler.