KMK8 - Bridge TDR

Product Documents
  • Integrated Reflectometer (TDR)
  • Active bridge for high precision R and C measurements and DC and AC fault location
  • Measurement by Graaf method in connection with an active slave at the far end
  • Passive Wheatstone bridge for R and C measurements and DC and AC fault location
  • Test Systems for Pre-measurement, Quick test and Quality testing
  • Measurement of interference voltages
  • Warning and information system
  • Remote control for the operation of the electronic far end loop control switch

The Cable fault locator KMK 8 is a small, hand held instrument for the qualitative evaluation, fault location and qualiication of existing telecommunication cables.

The KMK8 calculates from the pre- programmed or the user specfic entered cable parameters and the entered or measured cable temperature the cable lengths as well as the distance to the fault.

Product Documents
Data sheet
Data sheet - KMK8
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