Centrix 1+3

Centrix 1+3

Centrix 1 + 3

Product Documents
  • Fully automatic measurement and recognition of parameters
  • Automatic storage and protocolling
  • Central control of all system functions
  • Integration of the seven important and innovative prelocation methods
  • Highest safety standards
  • easyGO operation concept

The unique Centrix test van was developed in cooperation with end-users to ensure that it meets all the requirements for daily field work. All procedures are managed by through single button operation. Most of the operational steps are automatically pre-selected by the system so the user can fully concentrate on fault location.

GPSP software demo
GPSP software demo
Demo of the latest GPSP software used on Centrix systems and various other measurement and fault location systems of Megger. The demo can be installed on standard Windows PCs (Windows 7 or later) and may help to learn about the functions of the software and to get familiar with the operation.
During installation, the installation type “Demo” needs to be selected.
An overview of the keys that can be used to control the demo can be called up by pressing F1.
48.5 MB | 10/12/21