TDS-NT - Combined Cable Test & Diagnosis System

  • Two proven voltage wave shapes in one device
  • Standard compliant VLF cable testing with accompanying PD diagnosis
  • Non-destructive PD diagnosis by means of proven DAC voltage
  • 50/60 Hz Slope Technology for a direct comparison with the power frequency

Megger’s revolutionary new TDS NT is a unique, all-in-one cable testing and diagnosis system. It offers two well-proven wave forms – Very Low Frequency Cosine Rectangular (VLF CR) for withstand testing and Damped AC voltage (DAC) for non-destructive Partial Discharge diagnosis. These can be used to test cables to international standards such as the IEEE 400.3 and IEC 60502-2. The TDS can also be used for DC tests and sheath tests to the IEC 60229 standard. When paired with a step voltage sensor, it can even be used for precise pinpointing of sheath faults.

PD Detector Software for MV DAC30, TDS NT, TDM 45, PDS 62
112.1 MB | 28/06/22