Power Diagnostix

Megger Acquires Power Diagnostix

Global electrical test equipment expert Megger has acquired Power Diagnostix of Aachen, Germany, a leader in the development and manufacture of high voltage diagnostic equipment, and in the provision of diagnostic services for high voltage installations.

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DFR Transformer

DFR: A New IEEE Guide for Field Test on Power and Distribution Transformers

Since the invention of the transformer, the design, quality and efficiency of this magnificent machine has been improved thanks to the development of electromagnetic materials, computer design algorithms, insulation materials, cooling systems, structural design, etc. Nowadays, a vast number of transformers operate worldwide aiming to provide reliable and safe operation under the most cumbersome environmental and operational conditions.

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Megger makes winding resistance straightforward

Fast in operation and easy to use, Megger’s new MTO106 transformer ohmmeter has been developed specifically to provide an affordable yet accurate and reliable option for measuring DC winding resistance in smaller distribution and transmission power transformers. The instrument is compact and readily portable – it weighs just 16 lb (7.3 kg) – and, with the lid closed, it has an IP67 ingress protection rating, which means it can be shipped without further protection.

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Megger logo

Baker Instruments integration progressing smoothly

Baker Instruments integration progressing smoothly

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Distributor Charity golf

Megger Raises $14,765 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation

The 18th annual Megger Distributor Golf Event pays tribute to 22-year-old cancer survivor.

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Baker Instruments

Megger’s business expansion continues with the acquisition of Baker Instrument

Megger’s business expansion continues with the acquisition of Baker Instrument, a world leader in electric motor and rotating machine test and condition assessment.

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RTMS Software Megger

New RTMS / FREJA Local-Remote Software 11.1.4

The new version of the RTMS software is now shipping with all new units, and is available for download from the Megger website.

Most of the changes are associated with other products such as the MRCT and SPI units. As you may recall we started shipping the SMRT/FREJA units with a new version of the software back in November 2017. Since then we have added new versions of the HELP in the various languages to match up with the changes.

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Power quality analyser MPQ1000

Power quality analyzer gives Class A versatility

The new MPQ1000 handheld three-phase power quality analyzer from Megger makes power quality analysis easier, more convenient and more effective than ever before. Highly intuitive in operation, the MPQ1000 delivers exceptional versatility and performance in a robust yet ergonomic package. In addition, the new instrument is IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compliant for all measurements and it has a CAT IV 600V safety rating. These features make it ideal for a wide variety of applications including substation monitoring, load studies and load balancing as well as for investigating switchgear and component failures.

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Introducing Transformer Life Management Bulletins

Introducing Megger Transformer Life Management (TLM) Bulletins and how they can help you:

To aid in the building, growth, maintenance and organisation of a library (corporate or personal), Megger has developed a comprehensive series of Transformer Life Management (TLM) bulletins that broadly cover the fundamentals of managing the life of a transformer. The bulletins span topics from moisture in transformers to each of the many electrical tests available to assess the condition of a transformer or instrument transformer. Moisture in transformers, for example, is a huge subject so there is value in overview summary publications that introduce the topic. If you collect all publications you can find on a topic, Megger TLM bulletins would be suitable to place at the front of each collection to introduce and frame that subject.

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Equipment for testing transformers

A complete solution for testing transformers

Despite their versatility and ease of handling, at 32 kg in transport case, the TRAX220 is the lightest test set of its type and can even be transported by air as check-in luggage. The test sets in this range make no performance compromises and provide results that are just as accurate and dependable as those obtained from separate instruments.

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