Baker Instruments integration progressing smoothly

Baker Instruments integration progressing smoothly

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The Megger acquisition of Baker Instruments (electric motor testing operations) was concluded in late August 2018.  The integration is progressing well and the majority of the staff at the Fort Collins facility, near Denver (CO, USA), have transferred to Megger.  Negotiations are near to conclusion with other sales, technical and repair personnel across the globe.  On site today, Integration Manager Rick Beiber reports that there is tremendous enthusiasm about the experience, leverage and technologies that Megger can bring to product design, manufacturing and supply chain.  Some changes to communications and ordering will be seen as IT systems go live in October, otherwise it is ‘business as normal’.

Global Sales Manager, Paul Knock, is pleased that many of the local sales and support personnel elsewhere have also transferred, providing stability in the relationship with key customers.  Several of the independent distributors are already well known to Megger, making Paul’s tasks of not only ensuring a smooth transition that bit easier, but also quickly leveraging Megger’s global network.

The Baker Instruments name is synonymous with the testing of rotating machinery – electric motors, generators and windings.  The company was a pioneer in developing innovative electrical testing methods and equipment for the practical testing of critical plant machinery.  Collaboration with customers has led to the development of a comprehensive product range.  Whether the need is to test in motor manufacture (in bulk), in service or off-line, the Baker Instruments motor tester range includes products for the most sophisticated of condition monitoring or analysis tasks.

Due to the recognition of the Baker Instruments brand, this will be retained in product and marketing labelling, giving further reassurance about the continuity of supply and service.

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