New RTMS / FREJA Local-Remote Software 11.1.4

New RTMS / FREJA Local-Remote Software 11.1.4

RTMS Software Megger

New RTMS / FREJA Local-Remote Software Release now Available The last release of the RTMS software was in November 2017. All new units shipping today will come with new RTMS On-Board/PC or FREJA Local/Remote software PowerDB Version 11.1.4. 

If you have not updated in a while, in order to use the new test features you will need to download and install new firmware 4.000. All new units shipped starting the week of March 26th 2018 already come the new software. Upgrade via Megger Website 

To download the newest software from the Megger website, go to us.megger.comLog in. If you have not registered before you will need to do so first. Go to Software Downloads. For SMRT users click on RTMS. For FREJA 400/500 users, click on FREJA

How to Update Software 
There are two versions of the software. One is for the On-Board version, which runs on the STVI handheld controller, or on the SMRT-D / FREJA 400 / 500 models, while the other resides on your PC as PowerDB.v11.X.X. Both software programs should be updated with the latest version of the software. 

1.    Software for PC: For the PC version click on RTMS 11.1.4 for PC (for FREJA customers this will be the FREJA Remote 11.1.4). Download the software onto your PC as a zip file. You will need to create a temporary file folder and unzip the file to that folder. Note: If you have previously downloaded PowerDB from the website to a temporary file folder, please delete that file prior to downloading the new software. The software is an install version. If you already have the software PowerDB.v1X software on your PC, PowerDB11.1.4 will install on top of the existing version. If you have saved test files to My Documents/PowerDB1X.X (they will appear as .PdbXml files) it is suggested that you copy those files to the temporary file folder as a backup (installing a new version of the software should not corrupt the saved files, but Megger recommends a backup of test records as a safety precaution). Then click on the Install.

2.    Software for STVI or On-Board: You will find the STVI and On-board Installs under the STVI / SMRT and FREJA download file folders. Click on 11.1.4 On-Board Install. The software will be downloaded onto your PC as a zip file. Unzip the file, Select All files, and Copy to the root directory of a USB memory stick, or create a file on your PC for storage to unzip or extract to a file. If extracting to a temporary file folder on your PC label the file folder so that you can easily navigate to the folder when called upon. As referred to above, select all files and copy to a USB stick. With the unit powered up, insert the USB memory stick into the USB port on top of the STVI or in the front panel of the SMRT-D or FREJA units. A window may appear offering the window navigator, press the Cancel button. From the default start up screen, press the Configuration button. From the Configuration screen press the Update Firmware button. A row of buttons will be presented, press the STVI Firmware button and the unit will automatically upgrade the software. Do not remove the USB stick until after the Microsoft “Hibernation” screen appears. Then the “STVI”