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New Handheld Insulation Tester from Megger Is Rated to 2.5 kV

New Handheld Insulation Tester from Megger Is Rated to 2.5 kV


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Enhanced Insulation Tester Series from Megger Features Three-Wire Connection
MIT480/2 series ideal for telecommunications and cable testing markets

Technical Specifications

  • Safety rating of CAT IV 600 V
  • Delivers accurate results up to 100 GΩ
  • Insulation test voltage is accurate to +2%
  • User selectable test current of 20 mA or 200 mA
  • IP54 protection rating

Norristown, Pa. November 2016 – Megger has enhanced its series of insulation and continuity testers, making testing faster and more convenient, as well as minimizing the risk of accidental damage to equipment under test. Designed specifically for the telecommunications and cable testing markets, the MIT480/2 series features a three-wire connection for A, B and E (tip, ring and ground), eliminating the need to connect and disconnect leads to carry out the full range of testing on a cable pair.
The series includes two models, the MIT481/2 and the MIT485/2, both with a safety rating of CAT IV 600 V. The MIT481/2 offers a choice of four fixed test voltages and result storage, while the MIT485/2 includes a variable test voltage feature, support for downloading of test results via Bluetooth wireless connection and offers a feature for recharging batteries without removing them from the instrument. Both units are in compliance with IEC 61010.
New Handheld Insulation Tester from Megger Is Rated to 2.5 kV
The MIT2500 offers accurate measurements up to 200 GΩ
Technical Specifications

  • Rated at 2.5 kV
  • Offers accurate measurements up to 200 GΩ
  • Stabilized insulation testing
  • IP54 protection rating
  • CATIV 600 V safety rating

Norristown, Pa. September 2016 – Megger now offers an insulation and continuity tester that is rated at 2.5 kV. The MIT2500 offers accurate measurements up to 200 GΩ.

Ideal for testing cables, motors and generators, this new portable tester delivers both fixed range voltages of 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V and 2500 V, as well as a variable range that allows any voltage between 50 V and 2500 V to be ‘dialed in’.

The MIT2500 offers stabilized insulation testing to ensure that test voltages are limited to +2%, a guard terminal that helps remove insulation leakage currents on higher test voltages, as well as live circuit detection and protection functionality. A single continuity

range to 1MΩ allows for fully auto ranging and current selection making testing easier for the user.
The tester also features direct access to all primary and secondary test modes, storage and wireless downloading of test results. The MIT2500 includes PI, DAR and timed testing.

Designed to offer long, reliable resistance even in the toughest on-site conditions, the rugged MIT2500 features resilient rubber over-molding and an IP54 protection rating. The unit also has a CATIV 600 V safety rating that is in line with IEC 61010.

The MIT2500 is equipped with six cells, giving the advantage of 20% extra capacity and higher voltage. Combined with better measurement economy, this tester delivers increased battery life with better charge status feedback.
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