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Megger DET2/3 earth (ground) tester introduction

The Megger DET2/3 is an automated earth (ground) tester and can be used in 2 pole,...


Demonstration on how to use TRAX to test winding resistance on power transformers...

Battery discharge test system TORKEL 900

The TORKEL™ 900 series is used to perform load/discharge tests which are the only...

Working with us at Megger

A short video on what it is like to work at Megger. Want to be a part of Megger...

SMRT46 Unit protection test module

In this video, we will show you how to test the differential relay using the test...

Understanding the Recommended Practices of Battery Load Testing

This webinar discusses how batteries are often considered the heart of a...

Transformer Differential Protection: Challenges and Solutions

This webinar covers different challenges associated with transformer differential...

Time Vs Resistance Tests

Video # 3 of 7 in the Insulation Testing Above 1 KV series.

The Megger Clamp on

Learn more about the DET14C and DET24C Clamp-on earth/ground testers from Megger.

The Importance of Demagnetizing Transformer Cores

This is a 5 minute preview of the webinar The Importance of Demagnetizing...
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