Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

  • Resolution to 0.1 µΩ on 599.9 µΩ range
  • Standard accuracy of ±0.25%
  • Digital readout

Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters (DLRO) are a family of highly accurate instruments that provide a simple, practical and reliable means of making low-resistance tests in the field. They also are ideal for production quality control. They operate on the four-wire measurement principle, thus eliminating lead and contact resistances. With basic accuracies of ±0.25% and resolution down to 0.1 µΩ, they are nonetheless designed to be rugged and portable for use at the job site.

NOTICE Effective June 1, 2021 the following products will no longer be available: 

  • 247000-47
  • 247000-11-47
  • 247001-47
  • 247001-11-47
  • 247002-47
  • 247002-11-47

Please note, these particular models will be supported for a period of three years ending May 31, 2024. Replacement models are the DLRO10, DLRO10X, and DLRO10HD.