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April 2009
Powerful yet portable primary injection test set

Powerful yet portable primary injection test set

01 April 2009

John Shanks - Business development manager
Because they are called upon to deliver high currents, primary injection test sets for testing circuit breakers and over-current relays have the reputation for being bulky and heavy, making them inconvenient to transport and use. Megger’s MS-2 test sets were developed specifically to address the problem of portability without sacrificing functionality or performance.

To build on the success of the original MS-2 model, which is in use by thousands of utility companies, industrial organisations and electrical service providers around the world.

The new MS-2A model has just been launched. This includes new safety terminals and fully meets the new CE requirements that become mandatory in 2009. The highly portable MS-2A is built into a rugged carrying case, and despite weighing only 15 kg, is capable of delivering up to 240 A at 3 V, or lower currents at higher voltages. The test set has a high short-time overcurrent capacity and can be used for example, to test the instantaneous trip functions of moulded case circuit breakers at up to 750 A.

The unit is ideal for testing low-voltage circuit breakers and overcurrent relays, as well as for carrying out earth-fault performance tests, verifying the ratio of CTs and checking panel-mounted ammeters.

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