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August 2008
Setting a new standard for a life of leisure?

Setting a new standard for a life of leisure?

01 August 2008

Renowned both for his warm personality and the important contributions he has made to electrical testing over many years, Ted Smithson, New Products Development Manager at Megger’s Dover site, retired in July. That, at least is the official story!

In reality, Ted, who has worked for Megger continuously since 1971, couldn’t bear to separate himself completely from the world of test and measurement where his work has had so much impact. As a result, he will continue in a consultancy role with Megger and, following his official retirement, he will continue to make his invaluable expertise available to the company two days each week.

Ted’s contributions to safety and convenience in electrical testing are legion. For more than ten years, he has been an influential member of the working group for the BS EN 61557 group of standards, which cover the performance of test equipment for electrical installations and, therefore, contribute directly to the safety of those installations. During this period, he has worked on the introduction and revision of no fewer than 14 standards.

Ted has also had more than 15 years involvement with the UK trade association, GAMBICA and, as a more direct part of his work with Megger, he has promoted the introduction of instruments with CAT IV safety ratings. Ted’s work in this area has, without doubt protected many electrical engineers and technicians from injury or death.

Ted’s daily presence in Megger’s Dover offices will certainly be missed, but his colleagues and the many customers who have come to know him over the years will at least have the consolation of knowing that he is still offering 40% availability!