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January 2020
Geek Challenge 2!

Geek Challenge 2!

15 January 2020

Accomplished musicians – and even some who are not so accomplished – develop the skill of sight-reading; they can look at the score for a piece of music and ‘hear’ what it sounds like. We engineers have our own version of this skill; we can look at a schematic diagram or vintage device and know instantly what it represents. 

Or can we? The editorial team at Electrical Tester has decided to find out by setting a little challenge. Some folk in the Megger office who should know better are calling it a ‘geek challenge’, but be that as it may, give it a try. 

Our first Geek Challenge was a great success so we are going to keep putting your random engineering knowledge to the test with our next installment! 

This time, instead of a circuit diagram, we have a picture of a rather unusual item of electrical equipment. Interestingly, in its day, it was at the very forefront of the technological field in which it was used. But what is it? In case you need a hint, we’re happy to reveal that it’s driven by a clockwork motor and it needed winding regularly, but that’s all we’re saying! Take a good look at the photograph and, if you know what it is, let us know. Send your answer to 

The first person to submit the correct answer will win an Amazon gift voucher to the value of $100 US, or the approximate equivalent in Pounds Sterling or Euros, depending on where they live. The next two will win a selection of Megger goodies – that’s mugs and the like, not test equipment. Sorry! When it comes to deciding the winners, by the way, the editor’s decision is final. The closing date for entries is 15 February 2020. 

Want to test your knowledge with the first Geek Challenge? the first is still online