22 July
24 July
EPRI Nuclear Utility Relay Users Group (NURUG)

The NURUG provides an opportunity for utility personnel to discuss and share information on relevant topics related to relays and weigh in on current EPRI project activities as well as future needs.

22 July
26 July
EPRI Transformer & Switchyard Users Group Meeting (TSUG)

The Transformer and Switchyard Users Group’s primary goals are to support and promote efforts and activities that will strengthen plant personnel knowledge and capabilities related to large power transformers and associated switchyard equipment. The group will collect, disseminate, and develop practices, processes and other activities to improve operation and maintenance of large power transformers and associated switchyard equipment.

29 July
01 August
Beckwith Electric Protection Seminar

The Beckwith Electric Protection Seminar provides an in-depth study of generator, transformer, feeder, and distributed electrical resource interconnection protection, as well as motor bus transfer and automatic synchronizing.

12 August
15 August
Great Lakes Electric Meter School (GLEMS)

GLEMS balances classroom with hands-on training opportunities that highlight the correct metering methods and provides a safe environment to demonstrate incorrect activities that would result in severe injury.

14 August
16 August
TVPPA Engineering and Operations Conference - Booth 8

The Engineering, Operations, and Technology Conference is TVPPA's annual educational meeting for electric utility operations managers and professional engineers. Attendees enjoy the variety of breakout sessions in Engineering, Operations and Technology - allowing them to tailor the agenda to their particular field of work.

19 August
23 August
Northwest Electric Meter School - Booth 23

Operating in its 63rd year, the school curriculum emphasizes the need for quality technical training as it relates to metering, while also integrating fresh technological trends and perspectives.

20 August
22 August
PAC World Americas Conference - booth 6

Members of the PAC World community, professionals from utilities and universities, manufacturers and consultants, will meet to take part in a unique event that will help us build better understanding and knowledge in our industry.

26 August
30 August
ISH Conference

Come and see us at the ISH 2019 Conference taking place in Budapest, Hungary! The International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering is a five-day event and provides a forum where scientists and engineers can network, discuss ideas and share expertise on the topic of high voltage engineering.

09 September
13 September
CBM Conference

The CBM Conference USA is the world’s most anticipated vibration analysis and condition monitoring conference.

10 September
10 December
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

This is a must-attend event for anyone looking to keep up with market growth driven by policy mandates and consumer demand.

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