23 May
25 May
DistribuTECH 2022 - Booth 706

DistribuTECH is the utility industry’s leading transmission and distribution conference and exhibition.

19 June
23 June
IEEE Electric Insulation Conference (EIC) - Booth 16

The 40th Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC) will be held in Knoxville, TN  from June 19 - 23, 2022. This year, the IEEE EIC is co-located with the 2022 IEEE Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference (IPMHVC). 

26 June
28 July
EASA 2022 Convention - Booth 602

Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)

EASA's annual conventions provide some of the best education to be found in the electric motor repair industry. Each year, leading presenters cover a wide range of topics: technical, sales, marketing and management.

12 July
15 July
Dynamic Level 1 - July 12 to 15

4 DAYS $ 2,470


  • Summarize AC motor theory as it relates to the collection of dynamic-state monitoring data
  • Describe the capabilities and limitations associated with dynamic motor monitoring
  • Explain the parameters acquired by Baker Dynamic Motor Analyzers and the relevance of these parameters to specific faults
  • Develop a working knowledge of the Baker Dynamic Motor Analyzer - EXP4000
25 July
28 July
Beckwith Protection & Control Seminar

The 2022 Beckwith Protection & Control Seminar provides an in-depth study of generator, transformer, feeder, and distributed electrical resource interconnection protection, as well as motor bus transfer and automatic synchronizing.

07 September
09 September
Transmission and Substation Design and Operation Symposium (TSDOS)

The Transmission and Substation Design and Operation Symposium is designed to promote the exchange of ideas and experience for the benefit of those people concerned with transmission and substation design and development.

13 September
16 September
Static Level I - September 13-16


  • Summarize electrical insulation theory as it pertains to electric motor testing
  • Explain motor insulation testing applications
  • Perform tests with appropriate equipment and its respective software
  • Troubleshoot connections in the event of poor test results
  • Demonstrate instrument operation and its associated hardware and software
13 September
14 September
Canadian Utility Engineering and Equipment (CUEE) 2022 - Booth 231

As Canada’s most important distribution and transmission show, CUEE brings together thousands of professionals including contractors, engineers, trades personnel and key buyers from municipalities and utilities. 

11 October
14 October
Dynamic Level 2 - Oct 11 to 14

4 DAYS $ 2,470


  • Explain the operation of dynamic-state motor monitoring equipment and associated software
  • Describe motor and machine system monitoring applications
  • Develop a good working knowledge of electric motor theory and how it pertains to motor monitoring
  • Hands-on training for familiarity with instrumentation connection and operation
  • Diagnose potential problems within electric motors and the systems within which they operate
01 November
03 November
NWPPA Alaska Electric Utility Conference - Booth 200

This event, which is only held every other year, is focused upon helping Alaskan utilities and employees deal with their current opportunities and challenges. The conference brings a mix of education and networking, along with numerous trade show exhibit booths, to help you get on top of the challenges, solutions, and opportunities that face Alaska electric utilities today.