Full database driven portable appliance testers

  • 10,000-record on-board memory
  • Large 5.7 in. 1/4 VGA backlit full color screen
  • 200 mA; 10 A and 25 A bond test with high duty cycle
  • Selectable PASS/FAIL limits
  • Works with standard barcode scanners

Operators of electric tools and other electrical equipment must be protected from potentially dangerous flaws in workmanship or wear and tear. The PAT450 is designed to test portable electrical equipment for safe operation.

The PAT450 offers sufficient memory for the test results of 10,000 assets with the proven long duty cycle, testing simplicity and speed of the PAT300 series. It also offers 1.5 kV and 3.0 kV flash testing and bond testing at three currents, 200 mA, 10 A and 25 A

The PAT450 has a large bright color screen for clear test results and simple navigation through the menus. The menus have been simplified to make operation faster and more intuitive. Five soft-keys give direct access to frequently used functions making navigation through the menus even faster and the tester even more productive, offering a greater return on investment.

Technical Documents
Technical guide
The Importance and Benefits of Portable Testing
Firmware for PAT300 and 400 series

The PAT300/400 Series portable appliance testers are firmware upgradeable via a Windows PC with a USB interface. Firmware updates are developed and released to add additional functionality to your PAT300/400 Series tester.


i, You must register your PAT300/400 Series portable appliance tester in order to download the update software and associated firmware files.

ii, Install PAT upgrader driver software BEFORE connecting your PAT300/400 Series tester to your computer via the USB interface.

iii, Each PAT400 zip file contains multiple language versions with applicable test groups, please use the correct file corresponding to your region.

Please follow PAT upgrader instructions accompanying the upgrader software. Latest PAT300/400 firmware version 2.50. If using in conjunction with PowerSuite software, an upgrade may be required in order to provide compatibility with the latest firmware.

Do not install firmware version 2.50 if your current firmware version is below 2.10.

PAT300 Firmware 2.50
3.1 MB | 04/07/22
PAT release notes v2.50
10.9 KB | 04/07/22
PAT Upgrader installation instructions
PAT410 Firmware 2.50
12.3 MB | 04/07/22
PAT420 Firmware 2.50
9.2 MB | 04/07/22
PAT450 Firmware 2.50
12.3 MB | 04/07/22