IDAX series

IDAX300/350 - Insulation diagnostic analyzer

  • State-of-the-art measurement of moisture content, tanδ and oil conductivity using DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response)
  • Easy-to-use: Software with automated measurement flow and analysis of test results
  • “Traffic light” interpretation of test results
  • Dedicated test procedures for power transformers, bushings and current transformers
  • Automated individual temperature correction (ITC) for accurate comparison with reference data/tests
  • Reliable measurements even in high-interference environments
  • Interfaces to high voltage amplifiers
  • Versions with or without on-board computer

IDAX is an insulation diagnostic instrument based on DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy). DFR technology is an established test procedure in laboratories that in an innovative effort by Megger has been adapted for field use in the IDAX range of instruments.

In short, DFR is the measurement of capacitance and losses (dissipation factor (tanδ) or power factor) over multiple frequencies. The measured DFR curve is dependent on insulation geometry, moisture, oil conductivity and temperature and through advanced fitting to a reference material model moisture content, predominantly in solid insulation, oil conductivity at 25°C reference temperature and tanδ at 20°C reference temperature can be calculated. In the calculations ITC (Individual Temperature Correction), another important Megger innovation is used to translate test data from the test object temperature to the reference temperatures. It the latest release, the IDAX SW incorporates a new ITC corrected frequency sweep specifically designed for assessment of instrument transformers and bushings. IDAX is exceedingly easy to use with an automated test flow and presentation of results in an easy to understand “traffic light” manner.

The IDAX DFR method is now part of international guides and standards e.g. Cigre TB 254, Cigre TB 414, Cigre TB 445, Cigre TB 775, IEEE C57.152-2013, IEEE C57.161-2018

IDAX is available in multiple versions:

  • IDAX 300 – A compact and light 3-channel input (red, blue and ground), 3 terminal (generator, measure and guard) and one ammeter instrument for use with an external computer that runs the IDAX diagnostic software.
  • IDAX 300/S – Same as IDAX 300 but with two ammeters for two simultaneous measurements.
  • IDAX 350 – Same as IDAX 300/S but housed in a rugged and waterproof case together with an onboard computer that can also be used to control other Megger instruments.

For extended applications IDAX interfaces seamlessly with VAX high voltage amplifiers; VAX020 for 2 kV and VAX220/230 for 20/30 kV (on request).

Technical Documents
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Case study: Identifying aging and installation issues in an HV bushing
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IDAX Software
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