HL5 - Mini leak detector

  • Excellent, optimised audio characteristics
  • 3 fixed filter settings
  • Mute setting (no hissing in the headphones)
  • Wireless noise transmission
  • Built-in LED light

The HL 5 is a professional and very flexible mini water leak detection unit with both visual and audible indication of the leak and with wireless transmission of the leak noise. It belongs in the jacket pocket of every water specialist and fitter for an instant, on the spot leak monitoring check.

Wireless transmission of the leak noise to the headphones provides maximum freedom of movement. The extremely sensitive piezo-ceramic sensors with automatic level control enable excellent quality analyses even on plastic piping.

Whether used as a sensor rod or as a ground microphone: three filter settings allow the unit to be ideally configured for every leak situation.

The built-in light is great for dark corners and is a very practical companion for night work and for cellars.