MCT1605 - Multi-Tap Automatic Current Transformer Saturation, Ratio and Polarity Test Set

  • One button automated test
  • Displays multiple instantaneous Saturation Curves with Knee Point
  • Integrated 1 kV DC insulation test system
  • “Save & Print Later” with USB stick
  • Fast data entry using full QWERTY keyboard
  • 1600 VAC Saturation Test Voltage

The Megger MCT1605 test set is a lightweight, robust, portable unit used to automatically or manually perform saturation, ratio, polarity, demagnetizing tests and insulation tests on current transformers. The MCT provides a microprocessor controlled variable voltage output and precision instrumentation for automatically testing single and multi-ratio CTs. The MCT1605 possesses microprocessor controlled output voltage with precision instrumentation and storage, reducing testing time and increasing productivity. The MCT1605 will directly connect to multi ratio CT’s and perform all three tests - saturation, ratio and polarity - on all taps with the push of a button and without changing leads. The MCT1605 has a large display, permitting the user to easily read all pertinent data while the test is being performed and providing the ability to view the current transformer’s saturation curve.

Current transformers can be tested in their equipment configuration, such as being mounted in transformers, oil circuit breakers or switchgear. It is necessary for the equipment to be completely isolated from the electrical system prior to testing


Software / Firmware Modifications in Release:

  •   MCT1600 SW Version 3.18 FW Version 1.30
  •   MCT1600B SW Version 3.25 FW Version 1.50
  •   MCT1605 SW Version 3.25 FW Version 1.50

The following key improvement is included in this update:

Turn Off Lead Testing Algorithm: The MCT16XX has algorithms incorporated into the FW and SW to monitor both the voltage and the current during testing. It has been reported that while testing certain Current Transformers that have a low VA rating or a knee point below 20 Volts, that the MCT16XX would report a error “Check Test Leads” even though the leads are properly connected. This was investigated and it was determined that the change in current and voltage on some of these Current Transfers does not vary enough to be monitored during a test. It was also determined that to allow the user to test Current Transformers with a very low VA or knee point and avoid the false positive reports of bad connections, the option to turn off Lead Connection Testing would be made available. If you are experiencing false positive reports of bad connections follow these steps to disable this function:

1) Power the MCT16XX

2) From the Main Menu select the System Defaults

3) Within System Defaults; tab down to and check the box “Disable Connection Testing”

4) Hit the Hot Key – Save as Defaults

5) Connection Testing has now been disabled and will remain disable until the box is deselected and the Save As Defaults is executed again.


To download the latest version of PowerDB Lite software for all MCT units go to:

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3.9 MB | 10/12/21
MCT1600B Update
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MCT1605 Update
3.9 MB | 10/12/21