NIM1000 - Impedance meter

  • Measures the grid impedance of the phase and neutral conductor up to the 10th harmonic
  • Triggers load-sensitive and neutral faults
  • Performs multi-phase measurements and switches automatically between the test points
  • Is highly accurate and simple to operate

With up to 1kA test current, the NIM 1000 measures the loop impedance to detect malfunctions in the LV grid at an early stage. The impedance meter triggers load-sensitive and neutral faults, detects weak contacts, and exposes hidden flaws. Depending on the grounding conditions of the tested grid, a multi-phase measurement calculates the impedance of the neutral conductor to detect defects that can cause severe safety issues.


Version for use with:

  • MFM10
  • ETray
  • Easytester 10/20kV
  • NIM 1000
  • VLF Sinus 28/30/34/51/54
  • VLF Sinus 45/62 (TDM 45/62-P)


Installation instructions:

  • Download the zip archive.
  • Open the zip archive.
  • Copy the EasyProt62 folder to the desired installation folder.
  • Open the installation folder.
  • Double-click on EasyPro.exe, if you want to import log files from any aforementioned product other than VLF Sinus 62.


  • Double-click on EasyProt_62.exe, if you want to import VLF Sinus 61 log files.
EasyProt version update
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Software update v1.30
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