Transport case

Transport case

Product transport case

This product has now been discontinued.

  • Strong high quality design
  • Operate instrument in open case
  • High density foam inserts for protection
  • Large test lead storage
  • Keeps everything together
  • Tested for best protection

Designed to offer your Megger test instrument the best protection, while keeping all the required test leads and accessories together, ideal for storing instruments in trucks or vans.

The case is centre hinged, allowing the instruments to be operated without having to take them out. The two case halves then lay flat to form a work surface, keeping everything off the ground.

The transport case can be used to store and transport any of the following instruments:

  • Industrial insulation testers: MIT515, MIT525, MIT1025 and MIT1525
  • Power utility premium insulation testers: S1-568, S1-1068 and S1-1568
  • 10 A low resistance ohmmeters: DLRO10HD and DLRO10HDX
  • 100 A low resistance ohmmeters: DLRO100E/B, DLRO100X/B and DLRO100H/B (with 5 m leadset only)