Surgeflex SFX 40

40 kV cable test and fault location system

  •   Fully automated multistage cable fault location system
  •   Vehicle-mounted or portable
  •   DC Testing up to 40 kV, Thumping/Surging up to 32 kV, Burning up to 20 kV
  •   Equipped with ARM, ICE and DECAY prelocation methods
  •   Automated operation with Teleflex SX radar or standalone/manual operation by onboard display and rotary knob
  •   Built-in safety circuits for ground connection monitoring (F-Ohm) and step voltage monitoring (F-Voltage)
  •   High surge energy for magnetic-acoustic pinpointing, 1000 or 2000 J available at all surge voltage levels
  •   Various 2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage thumper configurations available
  •   Surge voltage levels for MV primary cables 12.5/25 kV or 16/32 kV
  •   Up to 2 additional surge voltage levels available: 3 kV, 4 kV, 6 kV, 8 kV, 3/6 kV, 4/8 kV
  •   Inductive coil-type ARM filter
  •   Powerful burner, up to 750 mA for fault conversion

The Surgeflex 40 (SFX40) pairs the SPG40 – the most sophisticated surge wave generator (thumper) available in North America – with the Teleflex SX radar – the most powerful time domain reflectometer available in North America – to create a multifunctional system for testing, prelocation, pinpointing and converting cable faults in medium voltage and low voltage networks.

The system is either directly controlled via CAN bus by the Teleflex SX TDR and its EasyGO™ interface or as a standalone thumper via the integrated control panel. All functions can be easily performed using a turn&click rotary knob. Teleflex SX and SPG40 provide easy and clear operation, even for inexperienced users.