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DC insulation testing

DC diagnostic insulation testing

Diagnostic insulation testing today represents over a hundred years of constant development. When Sydney Evershed pioneered the first insulation tests in the late 19th century, the only measurable values were insulation at 500 volts and a basic continuity check. However, measurement techniques have continuously evolved to keep pace with new insulation technologies. From electronic design and household wiring to generators and power transmission systems, all different kinds of insulation must operate at a safe minimum value. 

Diagnostic insulation testing delivers the most advanced measuring techniques to accurately report the health of modern high quality insulation and meet modern electrical standards. These electrical standards apply to testing cables, generators, circuit breakers, and many other electrical systems where insulation quality around the conductors must be at its best. For each system, Megger has the product best suited to conducting a comprehensive diagnostic insulation test. Our products are complemented by bespoke software that records all measurements and data, easing the process of information management.