Arc Flash Simulator

Megger Relay Test System

  • Interfaces with Megger relay test sets to test Arc Flash Protection Systems 
  • Provides high intensity white light to simulate an Arc Flash
  • Does not require direct connection to the arc flash sensor
  • Adjustable mount includes magnetic base for mounting on metal switchgear in which the Arc Flash sensor maybe mounted 

The Megger arc flash simulator provides a focused high-intensity bright white light to simulate an arc flash for testing arc flash protection relays and systems. For convenience of use, the arc flash simulator incorporates high power / high lumens surface mount LEDs, with a focus lens so that the unit does not have to be directly connected to the arc flash sensor. The adjustable arm, and heavy-duty magnetic base allow the unit to be mounted on the metal switchgear in which the arc flash sensor maybe mounted. The heavy-duty base also allows the unit to free-stand for used on a test bench, or other flat surface.