Worldwide Launch of the DLRO100 Series Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters


The new Megger DLRO100 series offers a unique range of 100 A digital low resistance testers. Never before has CATIV 600 V safety, operational IP54 ingress protection for dust and water, and lightweight, fast charge, Li-ion battery technology been available on a continuous 100 A low resistance tester.

Providing low resistance measurements across a multitude of applications, including areas without access to line power, the DLRO100 is extremely flexible. Applications include switchgear, circuit breaker contact resistance, bus bar and cable joints, wire and cable resistance, lightning conductor bonding, welded joints, ground connections and joints.

Megger has taken a no compromise approach when designing the new DLRO100 series. The range offers a unique combination of features with everything including DualGround™ testing, adjustable current ramping, high noise immunity, high power 100 A continuous testing and even remote control, yet still manages to be small and lightweight. 

There are three models in the series, all three models can be line powered, are rated CAT IV 600 V and can test currents from 10 to 110 A. B in the model name indicates the battery powered option (in addition to AC power).

  • DLRO100 E or EB - The base model. 
  • DLRO100 X or XB - The mid-range model includes all features in the basic model, with added data storage and DualGround™ testing capability.
  • DLRO100 H or HB  - The top-of-the-line model includes features in the E and X models, with asset tagging (enter unique asset ID's using the DLRO100 Asset Tag Windows app), Bluetooth® download and USB remote operation.

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