Get Your Complimentary MTR105

Get Your Complimentary MTR105

Purchase a select Baker AWA-IV, EXP4000, Baker DX, or PPX Power Packs and receive a complimentary MTR105!




Rotating Machine Tester



The ​MTR105​ is a state-of-the-art motor tester, equipped with Megger’s full suite of insulation resistance tests, packaged in a robust and versatile handheld instrument. With all of the reliability and traditional features of Megger’s original insulation testers, the MTR105 goes beyond previous testing abilities, incorporating DLRO four wire Kelvin low resistance, inductance, and capacitance tests.







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Baker AWA-IV

Static Motor Analyzer



The ​Baker AWA-IV automatically performs repeatable, user-programmable tests to thoroughly assess the strength of a motor’s insulation and circuit. In fact, it is the only high-voltage test instrument that a user can program to perform a specific set of insulation tests prior to being in the field, and then use as programmed in the field. The AWA-IV is also used to assure quality of motor rebuilds or new production motors before they are placed into service.


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Baker EXP4000

Dynamic Motor Analyzer




The ​Baker EXP4000​ is a powerful tool, designed for site use, to analyse the motor running under its normal load. It tracks multiple data types to identify trends that indicate potential problems. Voltage and current are measured and a series of parameters are then calculated, including power quality, rotor bar condition, % load, % operating efficiency, average torque value, torque ripple showing variation within process, monitoring of start-up transients (volts, current and torque), and much more.



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Baker DX

Static Motor Analyzer

Baker DX

In an industrial setting, the consequential cost of failure or unplanned downtime of critical rotating machinery can be significant. The Baker DX series can apply a wide set of off-line electrical tests to assess the condition of motors and coils.


The ​Baker DX​ can find early indications of insulation weakness and faults in windings, between phases, coil-to-coil and in groundwall insulation. It can identify if contamination is impacting insulation strength. It can also detect problems with connections such as feed cable insulation weakness, motor imbalances, opens or high resistance.

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Baker PPX Power Packs

High Voltage Motor Tester


PPX Power Packs


When coupled with Baker static motor analyzers, the ​Baker PPX Power Packs​ extend the insulation testing voltage range.  They help verify the condition of insulation on form-wound coils, high voltage AC motors and large DC motors, and are ideal for use in manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and motor rewind and repair settings.










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Valid May 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022 for U.S. and Canada customers only. New Baker AWA-IV, Baker EXP4000, Baker DX, or Baker PPX Power Packs must be purchased to receive MTR105, this promotion cannot be deferred or applied toward a future purchase. Selected AWA-IV unit must be capable of 6kV or higher for promotion eligibility. Selected Baker DX must be capable of 12kV or higher for promotion eligibility. Megger reserves the right to cancel this promotion, without warning, at its sole discretion. To receive the complimentary unit, a New Megger AWA-IV, EXP4000 or Baker DX must be purchased by 6/30/2022. For more information or questions about other promotions, please contact your local sales representative or the Megger sales department at 800-723-2861 ext. 6000.


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