Transformer Test Van System

Transformer Test Van System





Megger's New Transformer Test Van System is a robust, customizable and portable transformer testing solution developed to meet today's demanding and rigorous testing needs.  Through years of research coupled with Megger's strong understanding of the transformer testing industry, our Transformer Testing Vans have been developed with a focus on 5 key areas to make it the ultimate transformer testing solution in the market: Safety, Time, Data Compliance, Cost and Customizability.


  • Shared cables reduce trips up and down ladders
  • Reduces fatigue as leads are on spools for easy roll-up
  • Built-in safety protocols reduce chances for dangerous situations


Data Compliance

  • All information is gathered electronically eliminating human error
  • Tests are all standardized for consistency and repeatability



  • Pick the equipment you want to specifically meet your testing needs


  • One comprehensive operating system runs all equipment
  • Reduce outage time by having all equipment installed and ready to go
  • No more troubleshooting/communication/IT problems trying to perform tests



  • Reduce wear and tear on equipment being carried place to place
  • Reduce lost or damaged accessories with an all-in-one solution


Optional Equipment

Choose from the test units listed below to create your customized Transformer Test Van

DELTA4000 Series - 12 kV Power Factor Test and Narrowband DFR Insulation Diagnostics Analyzer

IDAX - Wideband DFR Insulation Diagnostics Analyzer

TTR300 Series - 3-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio

MTO300 Series - 6-Winding Transformer Ohmmeter

FRAX - Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

S1 Series - DC Insulation Tester

MLR10 - Leakage Reactance Tester

OTS - Oil Dielectric Breakdown Tester

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