DISCONTINUED - Teleflex T3060

DISCONTINUED - Teleflex T3060

Teleflex T3060 - Single-phase power cable reflectometer

Product Documents
  • Fully equipped reflectometer with cursor, gain, and range adjustment
  • High-contrast 5.7’’ TFT color display (640 x 480 pixel), with LED backlight
  • Single-phase ARM input with ICE, Decay and Trigger
  • AC or battery operated (up to 3 hours battery life)

Please note that this product has been discontinued and replaced with the T3090.

Based on the same hardware and software we successfully used for our cable fault location systems EZ Thump and Smart Thump, the new Teleflex T 3060 reflectometer is designed to provide the user with a cross-system operational concept.

The Teleflex T 3060 can be used as a battery-operated stand-alone unit, or in combination with small, portable systems.

The device can be used in the following modes:

  • EasyGo Mode: automatic operation and measurement evaluation
  • Step by step Mode: supports the learning of the fault location process while using different systems
  • Expert Mode: complete range of commands and functions of a Teleflex reflectometer. The user can create a customised menu structure with up to 20 functions.