Smart primary injection test system

  • Space-efficient power for testing even in the tightest quarters
  • High current capacity
  • Exceptional mobility, guaranteeing your testing equipment is ready and onsite when you require it
  • Effortless precision with automatic zero crossing

The SPI4000 is a high current primary injection test system with the flexibility to test, via primary injection, a wide variety of devices, including low voltage power circuit breakers, moulded-case circuit breakers equipped with thermal magnetic or electronic trip devices, overcurrent relays, and thermal relays. Designed to accommodate circuit breakers with ratings of up to 4000 Amps frame size, the SPI4000 fully complies with NEMA AB-4 test guidelines. 

The SPI system is the first high current test system that allows you to type in a predetermined current amplitude and will then generate and regulate the requested high current without preheating the test sample by pulsing the output current at high amplitudes. Additionally, the SPI system has the unique ability to turn on at the current zero crossing every time for any load by automatically adjusting the output firing angle. This eliminates DC offset for all circuit breaker types and eliminates the need for you to determine and manually adjust the firing angle for various loads and circuit breakers.

45.2 MB | 09/02/24