Safety notices

Safety notices

If you have any of the products listed below, please read and action the customer safety notices relating to your instrument.

SAFETY ALERT - Low Battery Warning

DCM 320/330/340/1500A – Clamp Meters

AVO210 & 410 - Multi Meters


SAFETY ALERT – Low Battery Warning

Safety is always Megger’s highest priority and as such we wish to draw your attention to an issue that has been identified on the above products.

Once the low battery indicator appears, readings become unreliable to a point where the instrument can show 0V whilst 240V is present. Accordingly:

To avoid false readings that could lead to electric shock and injury, do not use the product for measurement when the low battery warning is on. Batteries should be replaced as soon as the low battery indicator appears and before using for measurement.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact the Technical Support Team at Megger, Dover or your regional Technical Support Team, as detailed below.


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Asia & Pacific

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