DISCONTINUED - Ohm-Spun Resistance Loads

DISCONTINUED - Ohm-Spun Resistance Loads

Ohm-Spun Resistance Loads - Types WD and WR

Product Documents
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Current steps tailored to relay and meter testing requirements
  • Improved safety and operation

Please note that this product has been DISCONTINUED.

Rugged and lightweight Ohm-Spun® Resistance Loads accurately test relays and meters in the field, shop or laboratory.

Featuring current steps tailored to relay and meter testing requirements, these loads can be used individually or in banks. The Ohm-Spun Resistance Loads feature improved safety and operation.

Ohm-Spun resistance cards are woven with special wire with virtually zero temperature coefficient of resistance, thus ensuring excellent output current stability. The resistance cards are PBI fiber filled with heat-resistant cement and are supported in open air to allow the highest power dissipation with minimum wire temperature. A folding stand can raise the unit to increase aircirculation.